Choose The Best Company For Timber Decks Gawler

Are you a resident of Gawler looking to do some home improvement in the form of a deck? If so, then you must choose a professional to do the job. This is the only way to guarantee that you get a great deck that will last longer and will add to the beauty of the outdoors in your property.

Professionals can build a deck that is structurally safe no matter what size it is. They will also be able to advise you on the best size for a deck.

We are a professional home improvement company that build timber decks for clients in the Gawler area and surrounding areas. We’re based in Gawler, South of Australia. We mainly focus on timber decking and are just a call away.

What is timber decking? It is simply defined as the process of using certain specific construction material to build outdoor decks or patios. This construction material can be obtained from different species of hard and softwoods depending on what the owner of the property desires. Once you know the type of wood you want to use, you are left with the ultimate decision to choose a suitable design and let us do the work.

What are the advantages of timber decking, you may ask? In recent years has become quite common in many homes and more property owners are choosing to install timber decks. The main reason for this change is because it adds some extra warmth and comfort to an outdoor resting area. Other benefits include the following;

The Value Of Your Home Increases

This is an automatic reaction. Once you invest in timber deck in your backyard it automatically increases the value of your home. According to market research here in Australia, once you invest in your outdoor entertainment area by introducing stylish timber decking decorations, your house value automatically shoots past $100,000, as apposed to having vinyl flooring on the ground which wont increase the value much at all. Therefore, if you are planning to sell your house this is the surest way to go to ensure that you increase the value of your house.

Great For Relaxation

House can’t be called a home without having an extra room for enjoyment and relaxation. The modern world seems to be possessed by timber decks. Don’t be left out. Stop and enjoy a few moments of good things in life. We have what it takes to add an extra touch in your outdoor entertainment area to make it interesting and unique to your needs. We are a call away.

Environment Friendly

It is common knowledge that timber is a renewable source. Installation of this type of decking around your house will have zero effect on the surrounding environment. We use sustainable methods to take care of your environment. Furthermore, you still have the option to recycle the wood if you decide to do away with the deck later.

Durable Decks

Timber is very durable, this is the best part of having it. It is important to note that durability also depends on the type of wood that you are going to use. Moreover, how well you clean and maintain the deck will determine the period it will stay in top condition. A timber deck that is installed using the best materials, cleaned and maintained well could last up to 50 years or even more.

Sense Of Style

Timber decking is the ultimate way to showcase your sense of style and choice. A well-installed deck will make your outdoor entertainment area look exceptionally good. Whoever visits the area will indeed have two or more pleasant comments to make about your timber deck.

Why Choose Gawler Home Imp[rovements


We are experienced carpenters so the work we do is top-notch. Once you call us, we come yo you. We can help you decide the best wood to use for the timber deck and also the design that will bring out the beauty of your home. Our expertise is unmatched as we are professionals that understand the importance of the design, location and the materials used. This is what ensures that we build a deck that lasts.


We are a licensed company so choosing us guarantees that you are working with professionals. We are always willing to show our license to any clients that need to know if we are legit. We understand that clients can be wary of contractors, so we do all we can to prove that we are trustworthy to our clients and that we will offer the best quality of work.

Affordable Decking

We are an affordable deck building company in Gawler. Our prices match the spectacular job that we do for our clients. Call us to get a free quote on the deck building or renovations. We are always available and come to you once you place the call.

Get reliable and professional timber deck builders in Gawler with just one phone call. Our friendly customer care will have all the information you need.